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Langkah2 membuat account e-gold


1. What is e-gold?
2. What is e-gold for?
3. How open new e-gold account?
4. Login to your e-gold account
5. Fill fund to your e-gold account
6. Sell your e-gold

7. E-gold Exchanger & Debit Card

What is e-gold?

E-Gold is digital medium of exchange spent by e-gold Ltd., domicile in Nevis , apply is global, the value standard based on 100% applied pure gold price in world market, and presented in the form of saving account e-gold.

E-gold is an currency as does dollar and rupiah, not is national currency a state. This means there is no state spending bank note and or metal in currency e-gold. Every transaction e-gold is done electronically through internet. Assess transaction is based on pure gold weight.

You can change e-gold into form of other currency ( US, Dollars, Pounds , Deutche Mark..... conversely). e-gold have been confessed by many merchant in the world in doing on-line transaction, and as payment media validating. Besides your fund in e-gold can pulled through ATM are special in all machines ATM logoes Cirrus, Maestro, and Mastercard.

E-gold have website which guaranteed by is the security with secure server of 128 bit SSL. You can open account e-gold without worn by expense ( FREE)

What is e-gold for?

e-gold you can exploit within reason moneys. You can apply it is as a means of payment receiver and or do payment. For you don't have Credit, Card, e-gold is one of solution for doing purchasing onlinely. In this time there area lot of sitesin a world of using e-gold as payment media.

We also able to assume e-gold like Bank. Bank virtual, because we can save also there in so many currency type. Then you can enter your fund to accounts e-gold by the way of buying e-gold, conversely you can liquefy fund e-gold your by the way of the sells.

How to open e-gold account?


Open its site: http://www.e-gold.com (=New Window=), it will display something like this:


Then choose"Create An Account"


Display"Account User Agreement" and press "I AGREE".


Registration form will display, fill only bold boxes.


Fill Account Name (this will be viewed by other e-gold user, make easier to verified Account no when conducting transfer)
Example: My E-gold


Fill User Name (will display in account history. Account Name and User Name you may make the same to easy memorizing)
Contoh : My E-gold


Fill Point of Contact (Name, Address, City, State, ZIP)
Fill Email ( Must active)
Fill Telephone no
Fill Alternate Passphrase (password) (this useful if you forget passphrase / password for automatic script)


Fill Passphrase (password) 2 times (combine number and character and minimal 16 character for security) Save password in save place.


Fill Turing Number as displayed (turing number is random numbers that always changed to add security of e-gold site)



Your Account no will be sent to your email. open your email and find email from e-gold (inbox / bulk / spam folder ) and write down your account no. (7 digits).

Login to your e-gold account:


Open: http://www.e-gold.com (=New Window=), will display like this :


Click "Access Your Account"


Than fill:
Account Number : Your e-gold acc
PassPhrase : your Password.
Turing Number : Fill characters beside (careful in filling this)

Press "Login".


You enter your e-gold account , menus available are.:
- Balance = to see you fund
- Spend = to transfer to other e-gold acc
- Redeem = Take or exchange e-gold with gold bars
- History = to see transaction history
- Account Info = To change profile and passphrase/password

Make sure always press LOGOUT accessing your e-gold account for security !!


1. Setelah membuka web e-gold, klik menu "Create an account"

2. Klik kotak dibawah bertuliskan "I agree" kemudian mulai isi formulir pengisian (huruf yg dibold itu yg harus diisi) yang lainnya hanya keterangan optional saja.

3. Isi account name contoh: ade's e-gold account

4. Isi username, point of contact, email, no telp, alternative password (alternate password sebaiknya sama dengan password utama)

5. Kemudian isi password minimal 6 digit, tapi harus melalui "SRK". Jadi km klik dulu SRK baru isi password dari situ supaya lebih aman.

6. Yang terakhir, isi nomor turing dengan benar lalu klik "Open"

7. Kalau ingin login ke account, klik website e-gold lalu ke menu "access your account"